Android phones will get the COVID-19 monitoring updates by way of Google Play

Android phones will get the COVID-19 monitoring updates by way of Google Play

Google has showed that it’s going to use the Google Play Services infrastructure to replace Android phones with the approaching COVID-19 touch tracing machine it is building in collaboration with Apple. it’s going to ensure that extra Android phones will in reality get the updates, and in addition make certain that they change into available on phones operating Android 6.0 Marshmallow or above.

Till nowadays, it was once an open query, however person who used to be necessary for Google to answer. That’s as a result of Google Play is the one dependable device that exists for getting device updates pushed out to Android telephones in a timely manner. the opposite way — full running device updates — is generally fraught with delays from each vendors and producers.


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Google says that its update system will practice to both phases of the Bluetooth touch tracing framework — the preliminary API rollout, that’s due next month, and the next level, to be able to see the APIs built into the OS. the firms will say most effective that the second one stage will arrive “in coming months.”

there is one large set of Android gadgets that don’t benefit from Google Play products and services: all of the Android phones in China, to boot as any Huawei phones bought around the world after the imposition of restrictions by means of the united states. Google is not allowed to export tool to Huawei, this means that it would no longer apply this system to its phones simply as it can’t come with Chrome or Gmail.

For those telephones, Google intends to publish a framework that those firms could use to replicate the secure, anonymous monitoring gadget evolved via Google and Apple. it will then be up to Huawei, Xiaomi, and different Chinese Language manufacturers (or the Chinese Language executive) to come to a decision whether or not to make use of the system.

That’s the method Google makes use of for its Project Mainline device of updates, introduced remaining yr for more recent versions of Android. However, Challenge Mainline updates are explicitly open sourced. Google declined to touch upon whether or not this system would be, but did word that it is going to be offering code audits to firms that wish to undertake an analogous machine.

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