Adobe releases Arm version of Lightroom for Windows and macOS

Adobe is releasing an Arm version of Lightroom for both macOS and Windows today. The latest version of Lightroom is now native for both Apple M1 systems and Qualcomm-powered Windows 10 devices. It’s debuting as a full release, rather than a beta version and Adobe is making it part of the regular Creative Suite installer.

While this native Arm version is the new version of Lightroom, if you’re a fan of the classic Lightroom then you’ll need to wait a little longer for Adobe to ship it. “We intend to ship Apple M1 native versions as soon as they are ready, so stay tuned,” says Sharad Mangalick, a program manager on the photography team at Adobe.

Adobe has also released a beta version of Photoshop for Arm

This latest update to Lightroom comes just weeks after Adobe shipped a beta version of Photoshop that supports M1 Macs and Arm-based Windows PCs. As it’s still in beta, Photoshop is missing a number of key features, but today’s Lightroom release keeps all the features you’d expect on the desktop version. It has essentially been ported across to Arm, with all of its existing features.

Adobe says it plans to keep optimizing for Arm and M1 devices in future releases, so we’ll likely see additional Creative Suite apps arrive with Arm support soon.

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