1Password is offering a 50 percent discount on family plans for Verge readers

In case you still don’t use a password manager, or if you’re looking to switch services, 1Password is offering an exclusive Black Friday offer to readers of The Verge until Thursday, December 3rd. You can save 50 percent each month on the cost of a family subscription (up to five people, and not restricted to a single household) to 1Password’s services, costing $2.50 per month for up to one year. After that year is up, you’ll be charged the regular $5 per month rate.

Having a password manager within reach is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you try it. That’s just one feature that 1Password provides with a subscription: letting you access your saved, secure passwords through its app on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or via a web browser. Each family member can create their own account to see only their own passwords or join a single one if all of your passwords are shared.

1Password family subscription

Verge readers who haven’t tried 1Password before can save 50 percent on a family subscription each month for up to a year. You’ll pay $2.50 per month. $5.00 $2.50

In addition to syncing your passwords between apps, 1Password also handles encrypted storage for sensitive documents and images (up to 1GB shared per family). You can retrieve passwords you accidentally deleted, going back in time up to a year, and 1Password will also let you know if a site you frequently visit has been compromised. Plus, you can log credit card numbers, passport information, and more if you choose to.

Simply put, if you’re bogged down with which of your (likely very insecure) memorized passwords belongs to which site, it’s time to get a password manager. It’ll be hard to look back.


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