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Get Photoshop Cs And Cs2 Authorization Code And Register For Free


Photoshop cs
Photoshop cs

Photoshop Cs PicFirstly,download keygenerator here then install Photoshop Cs or Cs2.
Secondly,double click the downloaded keygen and put the serial no in the serial no row on photoshop information window.
Then install photoshop with same serial no.
After installation you click on “Other Activation” and click “activate by phone”

You shall see “activation no” here put this activation no in keygen “Activation No” row
it will creat a code in “Authorization code” Finally put this authorization code in five boxes on photoshop window. Click Next and Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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57 Responses to “Get Photoshop Cs And Cs2 Authorization Code And Register For Free”

  1. I m able to download keygenerator only but not photoshop cs2 pls provide the link

  2. need adobe photoshop cs2 authoritarian code

  3. Your Serial number is not working on adobe photoshop cs2 .

    what can i do . please help me !

  4. manchester united sampion

  5. dfsgdfgnmhbn

  6. I downloaded PHOTOSHOP CS2 From another site. You can do a google search and grab it from any of the site links that pop up. Then use this Keygen to install it with. Everything worked great for me.

  7. at last!! i’ve found it!!! it really works!!

    thanks a lot guys!!!

    that was great!!!

    it really helps me a lot…

  8. I’ve already got Photoshop Cs2 and the serial number but I can’t get the authorization code. What can I do?? Please help me!!!!

  9. hi,Authorisation code is creating problem. so how can i collect it.

  10. i download this file but ined cs2 authorization code this is not work please sent my mail

  11. thanks man… it really works…

  12. i want a cod for photoshopcs2 pleas help

  13. Thanks alot man ! its works very well ! thank you very much …..:)

  14. Jerwin A. Asuncion Says:

    Need for authorization code for adobe photoshop CS2.

  15. i would really thank you guys my photoshop cs2 is now working thank you very much……

  16. now my PShop cs2 is work very well…
    everything its ok n so easy…thx u very much

  17. lol pode bond

  18. Serial Number: ” 1045 – 0436 – 9551 – 0266 – 5984 – 9386 ”

    But i want Phone Activation Please :) .. Thanks

  19. Serial Number : 1045-1089-5675-6898-6253-1133

    Serial Number : 1045-1087-5854-5785-6829-4813

    Serial Number : 1045-1086-7509-3058-2029-3686

    Serial Number : 1045-1086-8260-5296-6610-5107

    Serial Number : 1045-1085-8826-0116-3211-4709

    Serial Number : 1045-1089-2787-0863-4744-1902

    Serial Number : 1045-1087-5094-4348-9921-4554

    Serial Number :1045-1082-0620-5457-8910-6759

    There is Much More hahah PEEEEACE BUT please help me i need Activation

  20. need the authorization code for photoshop cs….

  21. Thanks a million…i had cs2 but couldn’t activate it…u are a God sent

  22. i want free cs2 key full version

  23. i need adobo photoshop CS2…serial no.:(

  24. hi,
    I already have the serial number, authorization code and the keygen etc. However, after I installed photoshop once, I skipped to click “Authorize via phone” then I got a warning like “lisence has expired”. After that I can’t find the outhorization window on following installations. How can I open the authorization window again? Please somebody help me!

  25. hi,
    i am so dissapointed about adobe photoshop cs 8.0 coz i cant activate my product, the serial number that i was put is not valid even the autorization code seems like its not even existing i just bought this software for nothing!!!!!!!!
    anyone can help me on how to activate my product coz its killing me!
    im so out of this!!!!!
    to all the people who haas the same problem like me!!!!
    are u willing to complain in adobe company!!!!!!??

  26. Deux_ex_Machina Says:

    probably you have an older installation of photoshop that expired
    its still in the registry so if you try installing the same version it will just tell you that its expired…?

  27. hi….i put at the serial no one of the serials that Ahmad gived…and after i finish the instalation i click on activation by phone…i put in the keygenerator the activation no but what i must do else cause the authorization code doesn’t appears…it tells me “Request code incorrect” plzz help me

  28. sent photoshop Authorization code

  29. i want autrigetion code my serial no.1045-1087-0660-3806-0623-7119

  30. I want the authorization code for photoshop 8.
    i have de serial number 1045-1756-2071-0999-3438-3575
    and the activation number 4900-7124-1646-2759-1833-6005-6445
    please help me

  31. hallo i want authorizaton code for cs

  32. iwant authorization code for cs serial no is; 1045-1085-2206-4037-7321-2756

  33. Sultana Daku Says:

    Great Job man !! its works fine.
    If anyone got prob about activation code. Be Careful when u,ll enter the “activation no”.
    Enter the “activation no” with space remove ( – ) this sign with space. Enjoy!!!
    Thanks man

  34. i want authorization code for this serial number 1045-1085-2206-4037-7321-2756. please help me

  35. for adope cs

  36. Mr. Astonish Says:

    Tnx a lot!!! It works!!!

  37. want authorization code for this serial number 1045-1275-2296-0062-5571.please help me

  38. thanx dude it workz!!

  39. i want authorization code for this serial number 1045-1085-2206-4037-7321-2756. please help me
    jimmy escandor

  40. Thanks for Keygen. And website much Bettr and others.
    Well What to Says Awesome

  41. i put in the serial number and click activate online but then after that it says error in 9:-8 or something?

  42. it really works…….thanks a lot man………….

  43. sn: 1045 – 0436 – 9551 – 0266 – 5984 – 9386
    can someone gave me the authorization code here!
    please help me

  44. i want authorization code for serial number 1045-1081-1845-0565-5805-6460 please!

  45. thanks

  46. Thank Godness, it works, thank you so much!!

  47. thanks

  48. iwant it because use my photoshop

  49. I need an authorisation code of adobe photoshop cs2
    plz send me authorisation code to my email

  50. I need an authorization code to activate adobe cs2
    Sn:1045-1916-8454-9383-1136-2855 please and thank you

  51. But it is phone activation ok

  52. Gime me activation code for 1045 0436 9551 9226 5984 9386

  53. pls i want authorization code c2 serial no. 1045 – 1083 – 4312 – 9646 – 0228 – 9319 baburajeevsingh@GMAIL.COM

  54. Please help me!!!! I need authorization code cs2.
    SN: 1045 – 1783 – 7269 – 5546 – 1751 – 2616
    AN: 2620 – 1666 – 9286 – 2035 – 0833 – 2075 – 0423

  55. ididnt get authorization code plz help me

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